About Inkubate

Inkubate is a boutique corporate finance advisory and strategy firm that believes in the use of logic backed by solid thinking by either directly or indirectly participating in making investments that beat market indices over time.

Venture capital – As a research-driven investment advisory firm, we help in the founding of seed and early stage investments. We take an active role in helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses in high potential sectors. Our approach will help entrepreneurs and their companies be better connected, have deeper insight, and command industry leadership faster than their competitors.

Corporate finance – We help our clients in conducting feasibility studies, writing business plans, developing financial projections, undertaking valuations, buy and sell side transaction support.

Capital raising – For credible business cases with bankable business plans, we help in the raising of capital from various investors including venture capital firms, private equity houses and banks.

Strategy – Using best practice in strategy and performance management, we help organizations develop ambitious and realistic strategies and then work with them to translate such strategies into tangible work plans and performance management frameworks to realize the hoped for results.

Research – We undertake ad-hoc research for our clients but mostly in finance related areas. We are also able to service other reasonable requests where we believe our capabilities meet client expectations.

Project management – For clients who may have started a project but who do not have the capability, know how or the time to properly execute or manage projects, we help them define project goals, draw unambiguous work plans and deliverables and then manage projects to ensure they meet the time, cost and functionalities set out in the project charter.

Training– We provide training in various areas including financial modeling, business plan preparation, project management, project proposal development, risk management, auditing, financial management and other specialized areas.